Laura Have you found yourself taking part in gossip? Cristina shares a raw moment of when she gossiped and later asked for forgiveness. She says, “You are not going to fix other people’s problems by talking about them.” When someone says something negative about another person flip it around, change the subject or offer to pray about it. Laura and Cristina encourage you to stay clear of gossip, think before you speak and be mindful of what you say. Choose to be a friend that can be trusted!

“Gossip is a prayer request un prayed for.” – Laura Bax

Psalm 141:3
Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Nancy Can you think of a perfect day you have experienced? When you think of that day you most likely feel emotions of love, joy and peace. When is the last time you felt this way, and didn’t have a care in the world? Most people are stressed out to the max and are full of fear and worry. In this video Nancy Kalman shares about her perfect day, and Cristina shares how God helps her deal with stress and the pressures of life.

“Allow the Holy Spirit to help you experience inner joy and peace. It all starts with your heart and mind being centered around Christ and His acceptance for you.” –Cristina Harty

Psalm 94:19
When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.

Laura A lot of times as Christians we think we need to be part of another Bible Study or church event to feel we are making a difference. Laura Bax shares how being involved in church events is good, but don’t forget about your community and neighborhood. She lives on mission to reach those around her. She is not beating them over the head with a Bible, but showing them the love of Christ with her actions. Laura opens her home up to friends, and looks for opportunities to bless her community.

“People are not my project. It is not my burden to carry for others to come to love Jesus. That is the end result we all want, but that is not my responsibility. My responsibility is just to love and hopefully they are going to seek Him.” –Laura Bax

Melissa Melissa Mowrey shares how New Beginnings changed her life. She had never experienced other women surrounding her, not judging her, and accepting her for who she truly is in God’s eyes. She hadn’t realized that void until she went to a New Beginnings’ event. Melissa’s desire is to help other women experience what she has learned through New Beginnings.

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“It’s not about how many women we can get to follow us on social media. It’s about how many women are broken, and how can we reach them in the digital world we live in.” -Melissa Mowrey.

Melissa Are you going through a hard time in your life? Cristina talks about the importance of being authentic, and the value of friendship when you go through trials. You will be encouraged to stop pretending you have it all together!

“It’s time to take the mask off, put the sweat pants on and just be real! Allow God to do a work in your heart,” said Cristina.

Anna “Worship is so much more than three songs before your pastor comes up to preach,” said Anna Struss, who is part of the New Beginnings Team. Anna is a worship leader and she shares how you can make worship part of your life.

Psalm 34:1
I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise will be in my mouth continuously.

Nancy Do you think yoga is weird? Have you written it off because you think it goes against your faith? Nancy Kalman, who is on the New Beginnings team, shares her view about yoga, and the benefits it can have in your life.