Kristina My back yard totally got away from me this year. So today was the day I would tackle the dreaded clean up. It's funny how sometimes what you think is going to be miserable, isn't. Beautiful day, sun shining, getting a lot done, feeling such a sense of accomplishment. My devotion for the day was about spending time alone with Him is the best way to develop seeing eyes and hearing ears.

Carolyn “Get up!…..Get up!!” How many times in our lives has someone yelled that at us? Many of us heard it almost daily as children, as a parent beckoned from the hallway on weekdays before school. Some of us heard it on the playground, after being knocked down by the school bully

Since my kids were born, something that my husband and I regularly pray over them before they go to bed is this “that their confidence and security would be in Christ alone, and not in any thing or any one of this world”. I was able to actually see and hear the fruit of that specific prayer just last week.

Cristina I am going to take this moment to be your big sister to help you get out of the funk you may be in. If you are feeling any of the following descriptions please take a few moments to read on.

KristinaI recently had my first child and while I was pregnant, friends and family would always try to explain to me what the experience would be like the day I would meet him for the first time. The overall consensus was that it would be the most wonderful painful moment of my life.

Rachel So, it’s that scary time of year when skeletons are hanging from people’s trees and haunted houses promise to deliver the ultimate fright night. I will never understand people’s draw to being scared out of their minds.

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