Amy Do you ever listen to a song over and over, you know all the words but your heart doesn’t really connect to them until you REALLY listen? I love music. I have music playing in the background of my life almost all day long.

Cristina I have been sitting at my computer figuring out how to convey my thoughts to you. For quite some time I have been going back and forth about whether we should take a break from writing devotionals and producing videos.

PamelaAre you like me? Most mornings I get up to get ready for the day and spend at least 20 minutes looking in my closet at the same clothes trying to mix and match clothes with shoes and the right purse.

Rose "Amazing grace how sweet the sound." God's grace is always given to us even when we don't deserve it.

Martha Have you ever wondered why you've been saved. Is it so you get a free ticket to heaven? If you have been saved by God's grace, how should your life look? These are questions I've pondered over the years and as I've studied the scriptures, I see more and more what our life should look like.

Elizabeth We are kissing summer good-bye... good-bye to relaxing on the patio in the sunshine reading a good book

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