Amy It’s common to hear people talk about taking a step back or a step forward with a situation in their life.. When you really think about it, can a person actually take a step back? You can’t go back into the past because that is over.

Elizabeth Lately, I am so aware of gifts that God has given to each one of us and want to encourage everyone to know that you have at least one spiritual gift that motivates you in all that you do.

Rebecca When I was a little girl I remember going to the bank with my dad. We were standing in a long line of people and I was getting a little bit impatient. I turned around and tugged on my dad’s jeans, “Daddy, are we almost done?”

Pamela Life happens, right? Certain circumstances can be unrelenting to no end, and just when you think you can breathe again, BAM! Another circumstance finds its way to your life.

Martha Someone I know had an interesting experience. While she was showering, she had the thought, "Turn off the shower. You're going to be electrocuted." She immediately turned off the shower.

Amy Every year it happens to me; I snap on my house. I hit this moment when all of a sudden I have to drop everything I’m doing and go through all the closets, cabinets, dressers and drawers

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