Cristina Are you one of the 45 percent that made a New Year’s resolution in the United States? The top two New Year’s resolutions are losing weight and getting organized.

Laura As with past devotionals I have written, this one is no different in that I am sharing about something that God is presently growing me in. My writing usually reflects some part of my heart that is under construction.

Pamela Life happens, right? Certain circumstances can be unrelenting to no end, and just when you think you can breathe again, BAM! Another circumstance finds its way to your life.

Anna I was in a coaching session this past weekend with a client and she stated the following, “I don’t know Anna, it’s like I get to that place where things are going good and I think, well something is about to go wrong.”

Amy There's something we all need to remember this time of year and honestly all 365 days; this life we live, the Christmas season, it's not a competition. There's no prize at the end for the one who had the prettiest tree

Nancy I don’t know about you but I love giving gifts to people. It’s a beautiful thing. I love witnessing joy and smiles. I know that God gave each of us gifts. As a mother, I love pointing out those God-given gifts to my children.

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