Laura As with past devotionals I have written, this one is no different in that I am sharing about something that God is presently growing me in. My writing usually reflects some part of my heart that is under construction.

Rachel Did you ever have a thought to bless someone in some way and then debate in your head if you should? Recently, I had a thought to give away a Coach purse of mine to a co-worker.

Anna I was in a coaching session this past weekend with a client and she stated the following, “I don’t know Anna, it’s like I get to that place where things are going good and I think, well something is about to go wrong.”

Cristina Josh and I were recently on a romantic getaway. We were sitting at an elegant restaurant in downtown Atlanta. We noticed a homeless man sitting right outside of our window. I told Josh, “I cannot sit here eating this amazing steak while I watch that homeless man eating a candy bar for dinner.”

Nancy I don’t know about you but I love giving gifts to people. It’s a beautiful thing. I love witnessing joy and smiles. I know that God gave each of us gifts. As a mother, I love pointing out those God-given gifts to my children.

Kristina As a stay at home mother of a 2 year and an 8 month old I sometimes feel like I’m running in a circle never able to find the beginning or the end. Right when I’m done with the laundry, another pile is heaping again.

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