Amy Why should I pray if God already knows what is going to happen? Many of us believe God is in control and His plans will prevail with or without us.

Rose Where do I start? You see, my marriage has been a beautiful work of God. At least that's the way I look at it. Let me give you a little background on my life and what I didn't get to see in a marriage.

Melissa The good that a wife brings can be in many forms - respect, service, time, affection, gifts - and she does not bring harm, all the days of her life. This may seem straightforward when you have a believing husband, but how does a wife obey this command if her husband is not a believer or has strayed from the Lord?

Elizabeth Have you ever started walking only to find something painful in your shoe? Even as little as a grain of sand can feel like a huge rock, it hurts so much.

Cristina How many times do we blow it when we say things we know we shouldn’t say? I know I have done it a million times. It feels good at the moment to let my spouse have a piece of my mind, but I always get convicted afterward.

Nancy When you think about it…so much of our self -image comes from the roots of our belonging. What I mean is…much of your belief system, your ideas, your’ morals came from your background, your family, & your upbringing.

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