Nancy Lately I’ve heard a few women say, “I lost my best friend and I can’t seem to find a close friend to talk to and share life with.”

Elizabeth When you pray, do you sometimes wonder if your prayers are just hitting the ceiling and bouncing back down to you? Did God even hear my prayer, much less answer it?

Amy Being a good friend is something I believe God has not only gifted me with but He entrusts me with that responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean I always get it right.

Nancy This is a question I have wrestled with for most of my life. I’ve questioned, why would God speak to me? How? A burning bush? Ha! That’s been done ;)

Rose Friendships are gifts from God. They are "God winks" as I like to call them. Gods way of letting us know we are loved and cherished.

Amy As a follower of Jesus, one of the hardest situation is when I believe my prayers go unanswered. I’m sure most of us have asked the question,

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