Anna There are times in our life when we feel unsure of the next step. There are times in our life when we feel God is either very distant or perhaps even, from our human perspective, unaware of what our current struggle is. God do you hear me? God are you there?

Elizabeth Just before Easter, I was in a place of despairing of recovering totally from adrenal fatigue. Our New Beginnings team met for prayer and they gave me a word to commit for a period of time to get well. So I gave myself “permission” to concentrate on getting well during the summertime.

Laura This past year our family has closed the chapter of “toddlerhood” and opened the chapter of “team sports/activities.” If you would have asked me even three years ago if I was ready to “drag” my family up to the softball fields every night, I would, without hesitation tell you, “NO WAY!!”

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