Cristina Am I the only one that has ever left a movie feeling overweight and completely jealous of the beautiful actress on the screen?

Elizabeth What do you think about where your life is right now? Are you content with what you have and where you are in life?

Amy It’s not fair! I think it’s safe to say those words can be found at the center of our jealous feelings. If we are truly honest with ourselves,

Nancy For the month of July, we are focusing on the subject of envy/jealousy. Whoa. Just. Whoa.

Rose As any person dealing with these emotions know, they don't make you feel good. They can put the feelings of worry, hurt, sadness, rejection, doubt, dislike and the list could go on

Cristina One morning during my quiet time with the Lord I asked myself, “What is our family mission statement?” I could rattle off a few things, but nothing that was concrete.

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