Laura Bax

LauraThis past year our family has closed the chapter of “toddlerhood” and opened the chapter of “team sports/activities.” If you would have asked me even three years ago if I was ready to “drag” my family up to the softball fields every night, I would, without hesitation tell you, “NO WAY!!” Why? Because we were still in our season of changing diapers, taking naps, having playdates, etc. That season was amazing and I am so grateful that I was able to be home for all of that.

Now we have officially gotten rid of our crib after almost 11 years, we are a diaper-less and pacifier-free home…AMEN!!!! We have entered into the fun stage of after school activities and sports! As I stated previously I would have never thought to refer to this stage as “fun,” but because we believe this is where God has our family, it truly is a joy to see our kids involved in their activities, meeting new friends and families and learning new skills.

In saying that we see all of these new experiences as new ways that God has opened doors and wants to use our family. It is our hope to be an example of Christ everywhere He brings us. We are no longer extending Christ’s love during playdates and toddler classes, but He has brought us into the new season of being a beacon of hope to families at our kids’ sporting events/school activities.

It is our belief that we shouldn’t “beat the Bible” over the heads of those that we meet. But we believe that by our example, others will notice something different in the way we raise our children, in the way our children behave and in the way our family interacts with those around us.

A simple example of this happened just a few weeks ago. We hosted a team pool party for one of our daughter’s teams. In our home, we always pray before meals. So in this instance, we had a backyard full of adults and children and we did as we always do…we prayed before our meal. Guess what? This simple act had a big impact on this particular crowd of people. I had a few moms come up to me and say, “I loved that you prayed before we ate.”

Another example happened shortly after this particular day. We developed a friendship with a neighborhood family over the past few years. Our kids play with their kids and go to the same schools, our families have shared meals and my husband and I came to build a friendship with this couple as well. A few months ago we learned that this lovely family would soon have to move out of state because of a job transfer. We decided to have a small going away party for them before they left. The fun-filled day turned to night and before we knew it, it was 10:30 p.m. Our kids were still playing as if it were 4:00 in the afternoon! God laid it on my heart to pray for this couple. So my husband, myself and this couple circled up in our kitchen, held hands and prayed. We didn’t “shoo” away the children. They saw what was happening and I thought to myself “this is such a blessing.” It was one of those precious moments when I could tangibly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as if He were standing in the middle of our prayer circle. When we were done praying for this couple, I could see tears welled up in both of their eyes. It was nothing that I said, but it was a touch from the Holy Spirit that we were all part of.

These are just two example of how we are allowing God to have our family bloom where he has planted us. We are careful to embrace every season He has us in. Prayerful to close a door or open a new one as He leads us. We know that there is much work for us to do not only as individuals, but in this case, as a family unit. There is no better place than to be in the center of God’s will. There is peace that surpasses all understanding when you are in His will.

Whether you are entering or exiting a season in your life, be mindful that it is His doing and not your own. Are you rushing through it to try and get to the next season or are you allowing Him to use you right where He has you? I pray that you Bloom Where He has you planted. Please don’t miss what He has for you in whatever season you are in.

Jeremiah 29: 4-13 “…Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce…”

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