Amy Austin

AmyGrowing up a farmer’s daughter, there is much conversation centered on the weather. My dad has farmed corn and soybeans my entire life. I can remember spending summers praying for more rain, praying for less rain, praying for the sun to shine, praying for clouds, praying against flooding, against hail damage, for a bumper crop, for the markets to be in our favor. When we were having a season of little rain I would get so excited when rain would finally come, only to be disappointed that is wasn’t enough to make a difference. What an amazing walk of faith it is to be a farmer. A huge part of your income is dependent upon the weather; something none of us have any control over.

There was a season in my life when I was over watering my spiritual life. At the time I had no idea that you could be soaking in too much of what I considered “good things.” Looking back I was in a time of really needing to depend on the Lord and I thought I was turning to Him. I would watch and listen to all kinds of teachings online. I was filling journals with pages of notes from these teachings. I felt like I was learning and growing like never before. I was anxious to share my findings with my friends, family and my husband; only to find out that weren’t as anxious to hear about all my great new knowledge.

I had a couple women in my life at the time that were mentoring me through this season of my life. I love simple advice because well, it’s simple and easy to understand. They told me to stop listening to all these teachings and just let the Word that was already planted in my heart spring up. This was not what I wanted to hear because I was really enjoying spending time watching these teachings. What I didn’t realize is that all this great spiritual talk was turning me into a self-righteous Christian.

Let me paint a picture of what this looks like. This summer has not been all that hot and I was watering my flower pots the way I always do; I pour water on them until it starts to come out the bottom. That little plan was not doing my plants any favors this summer because I was over watering them. One day I came home and they were all wilted. They looked as if they needed more water. They were all shriveled up and hanging down. I decided to put my finger in the dirt and realized it was completely saturated. They weren’t thirsty, they were drowning! I was going to dig them out of my pots and start over with new flowers but I decided to try something different. I set them out in the sun to dry out. I didn’t water them for a few days and I cut the stems way back so they could start again. Slowly the soil started to dry, the roots because less soggy and they started to have new growth and stand up tall. My plants were literally coming back to life right before my eyes. Now I’m only giving them just a little bit of water each day.

As believers we have so much of the Word planted in us but sometimes we forget to just sit with the Lord and let Him bring things to us. We might feel that if we aren’t out there watering ourselves with teachings, serving, volunteering, prayer meetings, etc that we’re going to shrivel up from spiritual lack. Some of my best moments with the Lord are simply me sitting outside, watching the birds and the clouds roll by, or listening to the rain or watching a radiant sunset. Maybe you need to take time and just BE with the Lord. Let Him give you just enough water and sunshine to make you grow like never before.

Psalm 46:10
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

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