Laura Bax

LauraSince my kids were born, something that my husband and I regularly pray over them before they go to bed is this “that their confidence and security would be in Christ alone, and not in any thing or any one of this world”. I was able to actually see and hear the fruit of that specific prayer just last week.

It was dark and quiet in my daughters’ bedroom with only the light from the hall peering in from the door. My younger daughter was sleeping peacefully in her top bunk bed while my older daughter was crawling into her bed for the night. It is routine that my husband or myself “tuck” her in. As I was getting ready to sit beside her to pray with her, she said with a crackle in her voice, “Mommy something happened at school today that made me very upset.” I quickly sat down and listened intensely as any protective mom would do (thinking in the back of my mind, “who hurt my baby today”?

She tearfully went on to tell me that she was purposely left out on two different occasions by the same two classmates. All the while, emotions rose up in me and I just wanted to throw my arms around her and tell her that “I will take care of these thoughtless girls”! She just kept telling me how badly these girls made her feel. At that moment, I had a decision to either make this a teachable moment or to take matters into my own hands. Thankfully, I chose the better of the two options and had a beautiful, teaching moment with my sweet daughter.

I asked her if she knows why we pray “that her confidence and security be in Christ and nothing of this world” all the time? I went on to explain that this is one of the many times in her life that people will hurt her; intentionally or unintentionally. And that because she knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who she belongs to and who her confidence and security are in. Not in her friendships or who wants to be her partner or any of the other things that a 5th grader deems important. That no matter what; she is a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and nothing can and will ever change that! It was at this point of the conversation that the “lightbulb” of her beautiful brain turned on and she then realized, for the first time, the meaning behind our prayer for her. We prayed through her hurt and she forgave these two girls. She also realized how they made her feel and she knows now that she doesn’t want to ever intentionally make others feel left out.

As her mother, I was proud of her on so many levels, but mostly because I genuinely know that she knows who her confidence and security are in…Jesus Christ! Also, because my little girl is growing up and with that, means that I need to let her go and allow her to experience “life”…the good and the bad. She is learning to innately turn to her Heavenly Father.

Proverbs 3:26: “For the Lord will be your confidence. And will keep your foot from being caught.”

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