Rachel So, it’s that scary time of year when skeletons are hanging from people’s trees and haunted houses promise to deliver the ultimate fright night. I will never understand people’s draw to being scared out of their minds. I prefer to avoid things that will make me shriek in horror, wet my pants and want to drop to the fetal position crying out for my mommy. I, like Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, prefer warm hugs.

However, when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone, things that scare me out of my mind have now become a very personal invitation to me. Invitation to what? God’s plan, which is full of hope and a future. I read recently that Mila Kunis, an actress, does not make New Year resolutions, but she does choose 1 word for the New Year to live by. One year the word she chose was, yes, and it changed her life. Now, I’m not advocating you say yes to everything that comes along. That would be foolish. What I am advocating for is that you give special attention to the things you would say no to because of fear. There are a lot of good reasons to say no to things but fear is not one of them.

This excerpt from a sermon preached by Frank Boreham on Scarecrows has changed my life. He writes,

“A wise bird knows that a scarecrow is simply an advertisement. It announces in the most forceful and picturesque way that in the garden which it does it’s best to adorn, some very juicy and delicious fruit is to be had for the picking. There are scarecrows in all the best gardens. Every thoughtful bird learns in time to regard a scarecrow as an invitation to a banquet. He feels as a hungry man feels when he hears the dinner bell ring and swoops down upon the delicacies to which the scarecrow calls him. If I am wise, I too, shall treat the scarecrow as though it were a dinner bell. Every giant in the way which makes me feel like a grasshopper is only a scarecrow beckoning me to God’s richest blessings. Faith is a bird that loves to perch on scarecrows. She knows that there are scarecrows wherever there are strawberries. All our fears are groundless.”

This bird has decided to fly in the face of her fears. Won’t you join me?

John 14:27 “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

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