Anna Struss

Anna All the number one’s are red. All the number two’s are blue. Do you remember the “Color by Number” pictures? I loved those things. Top reasons: 1) they didn’t take long to complete, 2) they were easy to follow, 3) there was a sense of control, and 4) there was a sense of completion.

So moving forward in life, my learning style may hover around what they call a concrete sequential learner. Come on y’all, the signs were written all over that “Color by Number” artwork!! With that in mind let’s consider my current job. I am part of an expansion project, opening a new showroom in spring of 2015. It is my job to educate and build relationships with our metro contractors. So let’s do a fun little comparison of the ol’ Color by Number and my job:

Color by Number Picture
Don’t take long to complete.
Easy to follow.
Sense of control.
Sense of completion.
Anna’s Job
Relationships take time to build trust & earn business.
No roadmap…it’s my job to make one.
Each day is completely different.
Sales/commission – every month starts over.

Do you gather what I do? My job is nowhere near my days of quick, easy and in control with a beautiful picture at the end!! …Or is it? Let’s take a look at that chart again, only this time let’s look at what it offers, not what it lacks:

Anna’s Job
Relationships take time…
No roadmap…
Each day is different…
Every month starts over…
New Perspective
There is wisdom in patience.
There is the opportunity to trust.
There is value in being flexible.
There is freedom in learning to let go.

So where did this new perspective come from you might ask? Romans 10:10 says, “for it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.” You see when you have Jesus on the inside of you you are created new. The old passes away and the new comes. A new perspective of what life looks like and how we are to live it out begins to reframe us. It all starts because God first loved us. You become free from the bonds of having to color all the number one’s red and the number two’s blue. You let go of wanting the control because you discover HIS plan is so much better.

So what about you? Is there an area in your life that you are wishing you could play it safe with the ease of the “Color by Number?” Where in your life do you need a new perspective? Do you believe God has great plans for you? Do you trust that there is victory in your future? Do you know that God is for you? It is time to let go of the confining parameters. God created your life but you’re in charge of coloring it. Seek him first and then make it beautiful!

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