Nancy Kalman


Throughout the years, I have always prayed and thanked God for all of His blessings and I certainly have presented many different requests before Him. But it has been only in the past year or two that I have realized that I can ask God for encouragement. Just like parents who love and encourage their children…so does God. I never realized the proportion of His encouragement. It is mighty and ample. And just like a small child, I continue to tug on Him and ask for more and more.

Currently, my husband and I are going through the monotonous paperwork for adoption. Ten years ago we talked about it because we had infertility issues. But then God carried us through and I got pregnant. We had 2 boys within 3 years but that adoption continued to linger in our hearts and minds for several more years. Now our boys are 8 and 5 years old. In my mind, I thought that this is it and we don't need another child. We are happy, healthy and content and all is well. But in our hearts, something else was still growing. God had planted a beautiful seed 10 years ago and it was flowering.

However, my own fear tried to squash this seed. I feared and questioned so many things but mainly I feared that I would not be a good mother to this child or to my boys. Or, what if this child was detrimental to our cozy family dynamic? What if there was something really wrong with her health? I know this may sound so trite but these kind of thoughts did run through my mind. So I asked God for encouragement. I wanted to know "His Will" for us. If I knew for certain what His will was for us, I would do it in a heartbeat. Well, let me tell you… He showed us in so many ways that it would take pages to tell them all. But I'll share one of the first examples of encouragement and then the most recent.

The first example I'll share with you is a verse that God put in a good friend of mine after I shared with her my fears about adoption. In fact, God placed in her mind to look up the King James version of Romans 8:15 which reads, "For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption." I must be honest…that made my head spin! The NIV version does not read so clear…so for God to put in her heart to look up King James version is quite astounding.

And God's most recent encouragement made my jaw fall on the floor! My family and I just recently went to the Colorado Rockies. Our two boys were going to ski school for the first time. The first night we visited, my youngest and I visited a cute store with a plethora of stuffed animals. My son, Noah, wanted an owl but my eye connected with the cutest little bunny I ever saw. There were only 2 left. I picked it up and showed Noah and asked, "Who do you think would like this bunny?" Without hesitation, Noah answered, "Lily." I smiled because my thought was the same. Our future daughter, Lily, who we have yet to meet (nor been matched with) is exactly who I thought should have this bunny too. I told Noah that we would put them back and come back tomorrow and get them if he tries his best at ski school. And the next day, Noah remembered that and we went to the store as a family. There was only one bunny left. I told my husband that Noah & I thought we should get this bunny for Lily as her first present. He picked the bunny and owl up and turned to pay at the register. Just before him was a family sitting at a table. At the very same time, we both looked at each other awestruck. At that table was a beautiful family with two boys…one holding a white owl just like Noah's and a precious little Asian girl holding the other bunny just like Lily's. And in case you are wondering… Lily will be coming from China.

I felt in that instant God telling us…"Yes, this is real. Lily is real. And here is a real look at the family that I have always planned for you." Little did I know that this little seedling that God planted 10 years ago in our hearts would grow into a beautiful "Lily."

Trust me. Ask for His encouragement! Ask even if you don't have anything specific. Ask for an encouraging day. Just ask. These days I ask for any kind of encouragement, and I ask for Him to open my eyes to His will because He will always encourage His daughters to follow His will. I hope this encourages you as a beautiful daughter of God…to ask your Almighty Father for all the encouragement you need and more. Because He does deliver!

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