Cristina I had this random idea to do a parent/kid swap day! The kids would become the parents, and Josh and I would become the kids. Crazy idea, right?!!! I thought it would be a fun experience, and a lasting memory!

Nancy I never thought I would actually have a “view” on yoga. I actually tried yoga with my mother in law around 10 years ago. Did I have some pre-conceived notions on yoga? Yes! Yes I did. I knew it had a Hindu and Buddhist history. My first thought was, “this is weird.”

Cristina How are you doing with your kiddos being back in school? Did you have a hard time letting them go, or were you dancing around the house once the bus picked them up? We all experience different emotions when our children go back to school. I want you to know that no matter what you are feeling you are not alone! Someone is feeling the same way you are!

Cristina Do you ever have heated conversations with your spouse, talk in circles and don’t make a lot of progress? Josh and I recently had this happen to us! We were talking extensively and analyzing certain situations in our marriage and family. We talked and talked, and then we talked some more!

Elizabeth Have you ever given any thought to what it was like when Jesus told the apostles that He was leaving and they wouldn’t see Him any more? These men had walked with Jesus for over 3 years and called Him Master and Lord and loved Him deeply, and now He tells them He will be leaving them.

Cristina Why is praying together a priority? We want to dedicate our day to God and surrender every aspect of who we are and what we do unto Him. It is a time to be able to praise Him for another day we get to live on this earth. We ask Him for His guidance and wisdom for decision-making. Also, we thank Him for His protection and provision for our family. We acknowledge that we are nothing without Him.