Cristina Harty

Cristina It’s that time of year when a lot of you travel for the holidays. Yesterday was my travel day alone with my five kiddos at two airports! Sounds fun, right? Each one of us had a carry-on suitcase and bag, equaling twelve pieces of luggage, plus a stroller! This can be a bit challenging to say the least! We had one hour to make our connecting flight in the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta! It involves walking forever, going up and down a few escalators, taking a tram and dealing with thousands of people!

Last year traveling alone with the five kids we almost got split up on the tram in Atlanta. Three kids made it out, and two were stuck in the tram. Two ladies would not move out of the way for my daughters to get by, and the doors were closing. I had to think fast! There was no way I was going to leave my seven-year-old and baby on a tram by themselves. I also wasn’t going to leave my other three kids outside of the tram! In an instant I decided to stand in the middle of the doorway, and brace myself as the doors closed in on me. Thank God a safety feature kicked in, and released the pressure off of me. I was able to get my two girls off the tram. You can imagine this year I was a bit hesitant being in the Atlanta airport again!

When we arrived there I was looking at the screen to see where our connecting flight was. This kind gentleman and his wife asked me if I knew where my gate was. I was uncertain, so he helped me find out where I needed to go. He then took his act of kindness one step further, which blew my mind. He asked, “Would you like my wife and I to help you get to your gate? We have children and grandchildren. We would hope someone would do the same for them.” I said without hesitation, “Yes!” The gentleman was leading us to where we needed to go. I was thinking to myself, “This is great. I don’t have to worry about us getting separated now that I have help.” Just as I thought that, we lost Andrew in the busiest part of the airport for a minute, which seemed like an eternity! When I saw his red hair and blue eyes my heart rejoiced as I embraced him tightly.

We finally made it to our gate after our adventure! I wanted to do something in return for this act of kindness, but what could I do? Giving them money would be awkward. I simply said, “Thank you!” I then proceeded to tell them my testimony, and told them about New Beginnings! I wanted to make it personal to see what the Lord would do because I knew it was a divine appointment. Afterward we hugged, and went on our separate ways.

Once we got settled on the airplane I texted this couple to thank them once again for their generosity. After a few texts messages back and forth they invited us on their beautiful boat this summer in Destin! I look forward to the fruit this relationship will bring.

Two things I want you to learn from this situation. Don’t miss out on opportunities for people to bless you by always saying, “No.” Stop thinking you can’t accept the help of others. Not everyone is out to get you and take from you. There are good people in this world who have no other motive, but to bless you. The other lesson is next time you see someone in need, be bold and offer to help. This act of kindness by this couple has forever impacted my life. I will never forget what they did. It didn’t cost them anything, but their time and energy. So often we think we have to spend money to make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes acts of kindness that don’t cost anything are the best gifts ever. Merry Christmas and safe travels!