Nancy Kalman

Nancy Why is it so hard for us to shut down? My best mornings are when I stop whatever I’m doing or thinking and just sit in the quiet and enjoy the peaceful view out our window that over looks our back yard. Well, if I’m being honest…it’s really when the weather is perfect and I’m lounging on the back deck with the sun cascading down and warming my heart…listening to the song of birds chirping and ducks quacking. But it’s officially blistering winter now at 0 degrees below …so being desperate that I am…I sprawl out like a cat on the back of my couch where the sun hits that particular section. This morning the sun is partially out with flecks of snow ever so gently floating down. This used to be so uncomfortable for me to just stop and sit. Not only are we physically going, going, going… but if you are like me…my head never stops either. It is constant noise! My thoughts are all over the place. But when I finally sit…no matter what is going on…those are my most precious moments with my Heavenly Father.

All too often, I let little things get in the way of this time with Him. I get side-tracked and believe that I need to get this done and that done and THEN I will finally sit down and spend some time with the most important, most high, Father. And all too often, that moment passes as quickly as those clouds cover the sun. I missed my moment. The kids come home and boom…we are off to the races again.

One of my favorite Bible verses is one that our Pastor concludes service… Numbers 6:24-26
‘“The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’

When I sit on that couch, that’s my precious time with my Father. I shut the door to the noise. He shines His face on me like the sun, lightly kissing my cheek… blessing me, keeping and protecting me like a father Lion shelters his cubs…loving me and showering me with His grace and mercies that our human minds can never fully comprehend…and lending a peace that comforts me like a warm blanket and shoulder that I can softly rest my weary head upon. Maybe this sounds too simple…but these days, I like simple. And I know I simply need my Father. These truly are the most precious moments. After all, our time with our Father is not to just be in the future… in Heaven. We are to spend quality time with Him in the HERE & NOW… while WE LIVE here on earth. I want Him to say to me someday, “Daughter, remember all those times we spent on your couch? Those precious moments meant so much to me.” Me too, Dad. Me too.

This song is truly inspiring, lovely and amazing! I hope it inspires you to just stop, get away from the noise and make some memories with your Heavenly Father! Click to watch... To Worship You I Live