Cristina Harty

CristinaMy family and I just got out of an amazing event at our church. We had to get gas before returning home. After we put gas in our vehicle it was completely DEAD. Immediately I went into "fix it" mode until my husband said, "I have this under control."

He walked up to a woman who just returned from the gas station, and asked if she could give us a jump. I realized this was an opportunity, or what I call a divine appointment from God to minister to this woman.

While Josh was getting the jumper cables I asked the Lord to use me as a vessel for Him to flow through. We exchanged names and before you know it I was ministering and praying with her. After we prayed and hugged she said, "This is just what I needed!"

I say this to encourage you to look around you next time a situation happens that doesn't go the way you want. Just maybe there is a divine appointment waiting for you. Just maybe you are the one who God wants to work through to tell someone He loves them, and has a plan for them. Be willing and be open because it is far greater to give than receive.

If you have a story like this SHARE it. We all can motivate one another to live on purpose and mission for Christ!