Cristina Harty

Cristina I purpose to create an atmosphere for my children to experience the love and presence of God. One of the ways I do this is by having praise and worship music on throughout the day. We have the ability to play YouTube on our television so it feels like we are having a live worship concert! We constantly have all of our favorite praise and worship singers on the television.

Often my two-year-old will start twirling and lifting her arms as she watches people worship. I have hit the floor on my knees in the kitchen because the presence of God has moved my heart so deeply. Many times I will be doing the dishes, and tears will be streaming down my face. I do a lot of worshiping at the kitchen sink, or while cooking because that is where I spend a majority of my time! Who says you can’t dance, and lift your hands in worship while cooking or cleaning the kitchen?

Also, we do a lot of worshipping in the car. If you drive up next to us, you most likely will hear the praise and worship music! Our hands are lifted, except only one hand for me since I am driving the car! I love the song, ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’, but I am not going to test God by taking my hands off the wheel to worship Him! We listen to K-Love, and the praise and worship songs I have on my play list and CD'S.

Bed time is when we really enjoy worshipping together. We often sing our favorite worship songs together. I sing them over and over until they get it. Once they do we move onto a new one. I want worship songs to be stuck in their head throughout each day. I also sing over my children. I insert their name into a song and sing about how loved they are, and how they are going to do great things for God! They always get a kick out of that!

Lastly, we don’t do this enough, but we love to have worship nights! We gather in our family room and take requests for each person’s favorite worship song. It is so beautiful to see our children lifting their hands, twirling and worshipping the Lord! We want our home to be a place where God, our Father, is continuously being praised!

A few Praise and Worship leaders/teams we listen to are: Kari Jobe, Bethel and Hillsong

Psalms 95:6
Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!