Nancy There is something about “Firsts” aren’t there? They are exceptionally special. Today, I witnessed the first snow of the season…

Melissa To love - what does this mean exactly? I think I know what love is and what love does. I love serving my family, I adore my husband and children, I love Jesus, and I love love. I find joy in helping others, being creative, singing to the radio and writing.

Cristina It’s that time of year when a lot of you travel for the holidays. Yesterday was my travel day alone with my five kiddos at two airports! Sounds fun, right?

Cristina My family and I just got out of an amazing event at our church. We had to get gas before returning home. After we put gas in our vehicle it was completely DEAD.

Nancy Why is it so hard for us to shut down? My best mornings are when I stop whatever I’m doing or thinking and just sit in the quiet and enjoy the peaceful view out our window that over looks our back yard.

Nancy She was left in a train station waiting room half way around the world in China’s Henan province. This precious baby girl was left…to be found. Someone anonymously slipped in and slipped out for reasons we will never know but one reason was clear… a wish that she would have life…a better life.