Conference Reviews
What People Are Saying About their Experience at a NBWC:

“This by far is the absolute best conference I have ever attended!”

“I have been to many conferences over the years, large and small, this was the most spirit filled!”

“It’s Inspirational, Enlightening and an Awakening experience.”

“This was a Life Changing Experience for me.”

“I am not even into the “Religious Scene” and I was moved and inspired!”

“It way surpassed my expectations. It was AMAZING!”

“I walked away with a NEW Perspective.”

“It was very Uplifting and Motivating!”

“I walked away with a stronger faith and belief!”

“I received a fresh touch from the Lord.”

“I grew closer to God and enjoyed Spending Time with my Friends.”

“I experienced growth and rejuvenation.”

“I’m leaving here taking off a jacket that was detailed with shame, sadness, a broken heart and the past.”

We asked our Attendees what they would tell someone debating to come to a NBWC:

“This conference will change your life and totally exceed anything you could ever imagine!”

“It will change your relationships with family, friends and most importantly God.”

“If you’re looking to reconnect with God and your girlfriends all at the same time – this is the place to do it!”

“You have to experience this conference!”

“Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone to grow and if you need a new beginning, this conference is for you.”

“It is well worth investing your time to attend a New Beginnings Women’s Conference.”