Rose Cloud

RoseRose Cloud accepted Jesus into her life at a young age. Rose went through many difficult circumstances, including being brutally attacked by a dog (wolf-mixed canine) at age six. The extreme trauma sent her into severe anxiety and regression, sending her back to the mentality of a two-year-old child. Over the next two years, Rose saw a psychologist on a regular basis, and could not leave her dad's side as she tried to process what had happened to her.  

Rose's relationship with God was key to helping her as she recovered. It also provided her strength during her parent's divorce (which came a few years after she had been attacked) and through the verbally and mentally abusive stepmother her dad remarried. God was her best friend and she knew He had His hand on her life.

At age twelve, Rose's dad divorced and moved her and her brother to a new area to start over. Rose desperately missed having a mother figure in her life, especially as a teenager. She got lost finding comfort in friends who weren't looking out for best interests.  At age 18, Rose was in a dreadful abusive relationship that led to a miscarriage. The pain finally drove her to remember her relationship with God. She looked in the mirror one day and said, "God, my life has to change; I put my life in your hands."

Rose left her friends and family behind, and started a new life for herself in Florida with her mother. She started rebuilding her confidence and courage with God, and eventually met her husband, Jason. He stood by her, and helped her become the woman she is today.

After 15 years of marriage, two beautiful children, and time spent seeking the Lord in a more intimate way, she met Cristina Harty, an answer to prayer. She had the same dream Rose had: to share the love, hope, and desire of what God has for woman everywhere.  

"God is my solid rock and my life would not be anything without him.  I give all thanks to our Lord and God. I want to help others know God and love Him as much as He loves us. Through Him, all things are possible."