Nancy Kalman

Nancy Nancy Kalman is no stranger to change and fresh starts in her life, considering she has moved 15 times. Her childhood roots consist of an older brother, a mother who raised her with strong values and etiquette, and a father who was a hard worker yet struggled with alcoholism. The constant change and relocation made it difficult for her to build lasting relationships because she never knew when she would have to say goodbye.

The hardest goodbye was sudden and heart shattering when Nancy was 13 years old. Her only female cousin fell victim to a senseless crime that took her life. Fear gripped their family and took hold of Nancy’s heart. It took 27 years for Nancy to work through the emotions of those unforeseen circumstances and get to a place of peace and forgiveness.

At the age of 16, Nancy experienced the sadness of her parents’ divorce and moved with her mother to another state for what she believed would be a fresh start. After college and more moves, new hope entered her life in her 20’s when she came to know Christ. She dove into her new faith by attending Bible studies and developing relationships with other believers. It was easy for Nancy to drift in and out of her faith throughout her many moves. A year after she moved to Denver, CO…Nancy fell in love and married her husband, Dale, in 2000.

During their marriage, Nancy struggled with infertility and heartache for a child of her own. She once again drew strength from her faith and God pulled her through that valley. A few weeks after she finally got pregnant, her father suddenly passed away due to a brain aneurism. Before her dad took his last breath, the Lord gave Nancy the grace to forgive him. She and Dale were blessed with their first son, Jacob. And 2 years later, they were pregnant again with their second son, Noah. After 12 years in Colorado (longest stay ever!), they desired to be near family, so they moved to the suburbs of Chicago.

Their life began to flourish as they planted roots and dove into their community and local church, Parkview Community Church. However, over the years, they couldn’t deny that something was missing from their family. That something was actually, a someone, as they felt the prompting from God to adopt a little girl from China. They endured a 1 ½ year adoption process and in March of 2014 they joyfully brought home their 19 month old daughter. Lily is full of life, joy and love! She hugs & kisses her family constantly, exclaiming, “I love you! You are my best friend!” Their family is now complete.

In her spare time Nancy enjoys health and fitness, traveling, photography, writing, and watching her children play sports and excel at their passions. Nancy has a fierce love for her family and friends and seeks to be a light in this dark world. “My desire with New Beginnings is to help women seek a closer relationship with God and to plant seeds of hope and faith that will aid in healing hearts, getting to forgiveness and ultimately helping bring a unique experience of God’s joy and love.”