Kristina Gill
Kristina Kristina Gill was raised Catholic in a traditional Mexican household. Growing up, she was accustomed to going to church only on important holidays like Christmas and Easter. Although she believed in God, understood who Jesus was, and knew it was important to be a good person, she did not have a deep personal relationship with God. However, God was pursuing her attention and had a purposeful plan for her.

At the age of 14, Kristina started to struggle with her body image. She started to believe that she would only be loved if she was thin, which caused insecurity and depression in her life. The depression was so deep that she ended up hospitalized and diagnosed with a mental illness. At this low point, she was lost and broken.

Fortunately, just when she had lost all hope, God introduced her to a godly man who would later become her husband. Through this relationship, she began to experience God's love and understand her true self-worth. She learned that Jesus was with her at every point in her life; He was just waiting for her to call on Him.

After overcoming her battles with self-image and continuing to deal with her mental illness with success, Kristina is pursuing God's calling for her to reach out to other women with similar issues. Through New Beginnings, she wants women to know that God is after their hearts and minds not their physical self. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, women can live a joyful, successful and healthy life in spite of being diagnosed with a mental illness and can be freed to experience God's eternal love, which will unveil their true worth and purpose.

Kristina now resides in Mokena, Illinois, with her husband and two children. She is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, meeting new people, walking her dog and going on mission trips.