Cristina Harty

CristinaCristina Harty is the founder and president of New Beginnings Ministries and the owner of Kharisma Finishing School and Vunea Cosmetics. Through her businesses and ministry, she has had the opportunity to reach thousands of people through church functions, MOPS, universities, schools, and media. She has also had the privilege of making several television appearances including WGN News and the KARE 11 Today Show.

Time and again, Cristina has experienced the touch of a God-given "fresh start" in her life. Some would say she was a normal teenage girl, but underneath it all she was fragile and broken. She was carrying the baggage of having to overcome the emotional and psychological hurdles that filled her with shame. She knew God's healing power and grace heals broken hearts and set us free to forgive and live again, yet she still hadn't allowed God to fully heal her heart. As God brought her freedom from these obstacles, the idea for New Beginnings Ministries was born in her heart.

In 2002, Cristina married Brian Baker and began a family. God blessed them with three beautiful daughters. Their world was turned upside down during Cristina's third pregnancy when Brian was diagnosed with cancer. They endured a two-year battle with the deadly disease before Brian moved on to heaven.

God blessed Cristina with another new beginning when He brought an old friend into her life and stirred a beautiful romance. In 2010, she remarried, and is blessed continually by the gift God has given her in a man who willingly added four women to his house! Josh, Cristina, and their five children currently reside in the Florida panhandle. Besides enjoying quality family time, Cristina likes writing, reading, photography and recreational activities such as skiing, swimming and dancing.

Cristina will share how she overcame shame, rejection and great loss. You will learn how you too can forgive, be forgiven, be set free from guilt and shame and experience the love and acceptance God has for you. Through intimacy with God and a life lived with hope, purpose and passion, you can use your past experiences to propel you into your future and ultimately experience a new beginning.